The gluttonous bookworm is an early thirty-something who calls northern New England home; enjoys cooking, food and drink, writing, making miniature food (of the non-edible variety), traveling, crafting, and having new adventures. I live with my wonderful husband who is the gin in my vermouth, our new baby; whose culinary universe encompasses only “Enfamil”, and our wee cat who can tell the difference between sockeye salmon and Atlantic salmon (and will only eat sockeye).

My love of food draws no genre boundary lines. If you (or someone you know, or someone you wish you knew) is making a movie, or writing a book that will feature food and you would like some perspective on what those characters should serve and/or devour, feel free to send me off an email and we can chat over a cup of tea and a slice of cake, or a glass of tokay and a wing of fowl.


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